remijon pronja







Video HD, in eight channel,  2.21 min. 2013

The video installation “Tell me” consists of eight projections synchronized to each-other creating a cacophony, making the listener doubtful about what they are hearing. What happens from the moment when the word is being spoken, until the sound reaches the ear? Do we choose or wish not to make contact with the darkest side of ourselves, fearful of what we may find in there? Why are there mechanisms of refusal in everyone’s unconscious? Is it because the human beings feel that they might not be able to control these emotions? This work is centred on the individual and the word as a communicating tunnel guiding towards the other side and then leaving space for subjective interpretations about what it might generate. Maybe for just about a moment or very often, fast or slow, once or thousands of times we find ourselves in a monologue. The choice of love and attraction as universal feelings that penetrate our imagination are used in this work, to shake the foundations imposed on the individual taking him on a new unknown territory, never walked before.