remijon pronja



curated by Annika Hirsekorn

9th - 28th November 2015

Neurotitan Schwarzenberg, Berlin


The group exhibition “This Is Not a Palm Tree” focuses on the work of young Albanian and Kosovar artists. For the first time in this form in Berlin, protagonists of the contemporary art scene in both countries will be collectively juxtaposed. The artists on display attempt to approach the multi-layered manifestations of collectivised memory and national identity in their home countries – both discourses which play an imperative role in current art from both countries.


Alban Muja | Artan Hajrullahu | Atdhe Mulla | Dren Maliqi | Driant Zeneli | Endri Dani | Enkelejd Zonja | Haveit | Ilir Kaso | Jakup Ferri | Jeton Muja | Koja | Ledia Kostandini | Majlinda Hoxha | Olson Lamaj | Remijon Pronja | Silva Agostini


21 - 24 May 2015 - Sarajevo/ B&H


Sara Art Fair is the first international art fair in Bosnia and Herzegovina whit an aim to create and wake up the art market in Bosnia and Herzegovina and wider region, and we will be showcasing exhibitors from across the Balkan region, Europe and the World. The aim of Sara Art Fair is to help develop a local cultural economy, to re-establish Sarajevo as an international cultural centre, and to grow and develop the profile of our very varied cultural output both domestically, and internationally. Showroom of Sara Art Fair Art is located in Art Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina. KU(RZ)NSTHALLE - Temporary Contemporary Art and Architecture. present in SARA ART FAIR 2015  Soren Dahlgaard, Thomas Baumann, Christian Falsnaes, Marek Kvetan, Remijon Pronja, Александр Байер, tat ort (Berlinger/Fiel), Maria Anwander, Lana Jonuzi, Rafet Jonuzi.

SUPERMARKET  2015 Stockholm Independent Art Fair

16–19 April - Stockholm/Sweden.


For the first time, MIZA takes part in Supermarket Stockholm Independent Art Fair. SUPERMARKET is a platform for the newest, most vital and innovative contemporary art. With over 80 international artist-run art fair for artist-run galleries and other artists' initiatives from 30 countries worldwide it is the single largest international art event in Scandinavia.

MIZA is going to present the following Artists: Blerta Hocia, Dritan Hyska, Endri Dani, Olson Lamaj and Remijon Pronja.


Third Anniversary of RKG


17 July 2014 00:00 to 06 September 2014 00:00


Reception: 17 July 2014, 7pm to 11pm


Press Relase


RKG’s Third Anniversary show is a celebration in threes: years, vision, space. Over 30 artists make up the show.


Featured are: 5 Albanian artists on the left wall- Blerta Kambo (Photography, Albania) Klodiana Alia (Photography, New York) Ëndri Dani, (Photogrphy, Albania), Olson Lamaj, (Albania, Video) Remijon Pronja, (Albania, Video).


And 5 Italian artists on the right wall featured are: Francesco Messina ( Painting, Milano, Italy) Silvia Mei ( Painting, Milano, Italy), Andrea Fiorino,( Painting, Milano, Italy) Silvia Argiolas ( Painting, Milano, Italy) Adriano Annino ( Painting, Milano, Italy)


The Albanian works display an edged society- prison rooms, ghettos, enclosed persona, where one is held in intimate stasis. Amidst the sorrow, these works evade distopia with a gentle eye. Similarly, that is where the Italian works dwell too, but this time in the realm of fantasy, oering occult visions of strange rituals and the face of a long scarred journey.

Young Albanian Artists. L’inaugurazione il 10 maggio


POLIGNANO – Sabato 10 maggio alle ore 18 si inaugura la mostra POST – Young Albanian Artists  frutto della  collaborazione tra la Fondazione Pino Pascali e la Galleria Nazionale d’Arte di Tirana con il supporto della Regione Puglia, il Ministero della Cultura di Albania e La Fondazione Gramsci di Bari. La mostra, a cura di Antonio Frugis e Roberto Lacarbonara, si inaugura il 10 maggio alle ore 18 presso sede della Fondazione Museo Pino Pascali a Polignano a Mare e presenta una selezione di giovanissimi artisti albanesi, con l’intento di creare una rete di scambi culturali con i paesi che si affacciano sul mare Adriatico già avviata negli precedenti. L’intento è creare un rapporto vitale tra le due sponde dell’Adriatico, uno spazio visivo nel quale narrarsi e conoscersi, una preziosa occasione per definirsi gli uni rispetto agli altri pur conservando la propria identità per giungere , attraverso il linguaggio dell’arte, ad una pratica culturale collettiva e condivisa. La mostra presenterà otto artisti Albanesi: Endri Dani, Yllka Gjollesha, Olson Lamaj, Armando Lulaj, Najada Mehmetaj, Remijon Pronja, Alketa Ramaj e Enkelejd Zonja. Alcuni di loro hanno studiato e vivono all’estero, altri operano in Albania e altri ancora vi hanno fatto ritorno per contribuire alla rinascita culturale del loro paese, esprimendo una pluralità di linguaggi ma uniti dalla necessità di contemporaneità e voglia di internazionalità. La mostra sarà inaugurata dall’Assessore della Regione Puglia al Mediterraneo Turismo e Cultura Silvia Godelli, dalla Direttrice del Ministero della Cultura di Tirana Ledia Mirakaj, dal Console Generale d’Albania Ermal Dredha, dal Direttore della GKA di Tirana Artan Shabani e dal Presidente della Fondazione Pascali Sindaco di Polignano Domenico Vitto.



Il catalogo della mostra POST – Young Albanian Artists sarà pubblicato da Besa Editrice.



Coordinamento generale: Natale Parisi, Fondazione Gramsci di Puglia.




Si ringrazia Morfimare s.r.l -

La mostra sarà aperta dal 10 maggio al 15 giugno 2014

orario: dal martedì alla domenica ore 11/13 -17/21 (lunedì chiuso)

visite guidate su appuntamento.

REMIJON PRONJA / solo show/rex anonymous


Vernissage 8. 5. 2014 hours 18:00

opening 9. 5. – 1. 6. 2014


KU(RZ)NSTHALLE – Temporary Contemporary Art and Architecture






Daniele Capra


Il vuoto nello spazio²

The works of Remijon Pronja frequently speak about the existential condition of the artist, coming to grips with everyday struggles and with insecurities stemming from the economic precariousness and the lack of social recognition. Il vuoto nello spazio² is a series of drawings created during Pronja’s time as a student at Brera Fine Arts Academy in Milan, time when he had to work in order to pay the rent and tuition fees. Thus, the artist was often forced to sacrifice university classes, which were in fact the reason why he kept on working.

This was the contradictory condition – apparently a no-exit loop – which, however, testified the desire to take one more step further to reaching a goal. Half-way between a work and a journal, these drawings show the calculations needed to keep track of the household expenses, the daily working hours, the money to be earned or that needs to be spent. But at the same time the sketches and notes of Il vuoto nello spazio2 speak of a fleeting condition during which a person struggles to reach the artist status, to claim one’s own freedom and the space for one’s own expressive needs, freeing oneself from being a mere foreign student.



Home sweet home, There is no place like home. The rhetoric of home as the best place to be, feeling safe and protected is immense. Remijon Pronja’s work – a parody of all this – is created with red led lights, similar to the ones used as Christmas decorations or during local food fairs. But Home is also an ironic statement that confirms – with its blazing and kitsch taste – that every place can be a homely space suitable to our needs; you just need to move the sign to another house in order to reject the false emotional and relational distinctiveness that it seeks to highlight. In Home Pronja shows that the words- and their connotative meanings – are often empty containers that can be used according to our needs, in no particular fashion. The artists seems to prefer the playful and Socratic substance of the unmasking to the glossy sheen of the words.


The Game of Evidence

The Game of Evidence is a dual-channel video, mysteriously confronting two crows cawing with what looks like a home interior. The camera is static on the birds, while the image is intermittent on the inside, where it progressively zooms in on a window. Such movement seems to lead back – rhythmic to the birds’ voice – to the outside, connecting thus – only seemingly – the internal and the external. But the work turns out to be nonsense, a video in which Pronja likes to lead the observer to false conclusions, towards deductions that can neither be confirmed nor denied. The observer is held in check, thus forced to be made fun of.!remijon-pronja/ci7w


Në Galerinë e Arteve të Shkodrës

Ditën e premte, dt. 31 maj 2013, ora 19.oo


“Çmimi Idromeno”


Ekspozitë konkurs i arteve pamore për artistët e rinj.


Edicioni i tretë


Artistët ë përzgjedhur nga kuratori Zef Paci për këtë edicion janë: Blerta Hoçia, Enela Mastori, Matilda Odobashi, Olson Lamaj, Remijon Pronja, Sidrit Lohja dhe Yllka Gjollesha. Ndërsa vepra fituese do të përcaktohet nga juria e përbërë nga Edi Hila, Gëzim Qëndro dhe Sidi Kanani .


Ekspozita do qëndrojë e hapur nga 31 maji deri me 15 qershor 2013.




Luçjan Bedeni, Yllka Gjollesha, Genti Korini, Mariana Kostandini, Violana Murataj, Remijon Pronja, Alketa Ramaj, Arjan Shehaj

a cura diDaniele Capra


The National Gallery of Arts is proud to announce Perchance to Dream, the show of XIX edition of Onufri Prize. The exhibition displays the works of eight of most promising artists of Albania selected by Italian curator Daniele Capra. Which are the interactions between reality and imagination? Why art are at the same time near to mankind perceptions and far from the thoughts of everyday life? Are the artists looking to the world from contradictory points of view, as Hamlet in the soliloquy Shakespeare wrote? The works exhibited in Perchance to Dream investigate the diametrical conditions of struggling between two approaches: to suffer the “the slings and arrows” of realty, or to fight against it using imagination. Even if art can’t solve problems and give us the right answers, artists are expected to look for the unexpected questions about the conflicts we live in.



National Gallery of Arts

Boulevard Deshmorët e Kombit

Tirana 1001 (AL)





Olson Lamaj  /  Ermal Bezhani  /  Armela Xhafa  /  Gerti Ibra  /  Remijon Pronja


Franc Priska / Ana Leka / Emil Pejtamalli / Holta Arapi.


Kuratore ; Matilda Odobashi


Inagurimi: 30 Prill – 7 Maj / ora 18:30 / Galeria FAP, Universiteti i Arteve.