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Il vuoto nello spazio²

The game of evidence

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Il vuoto nello spazio²

20 Drawing, 21 x 29.7 cm, 2004 - 2010

The works of Remijon Pronja frequently speak about the existential condition of the artist, coming to grips with everyday struggles and with insecurities stemming from the economic precariousness and the lack of social recognition. Il vuoto nello spazio²  is a series of drawings created during Pronja’s time as a student at Brera Fine Arts Academy in Milan, time when he had to work in order to pay the rent and tuition fees. Thus, the artist was often forced to sacrifice university classes, which were in fact the reason why he kept on working. This was the contradictory condition - apparently a no-exit loop – which, however, testified the desire to take one more step further to reaching a goal. Half-way between a work and a journal, these drawings show the calculations needed to keep track of the household expenses, the daily working hours, the money to be earned or that needs to be spent. But at the same time the sketches and notes of Il vuoto nello spazio² speak of a fleeting condition during which a person struggles to reach the artist status, to claim one’s own freedom and the space for one’s own expressive needs, freeing oneself from being a mere foreign student.


Daniele Capra