remijon pronja






AN DIE FREUDE' Nushid AlFarah

Video HD, 3.08 min. 2016

"Are language, sound, and image – when brought together in a supposedly incongruous constellation – able to produce some unusual, even uncomfortable effects upon the receivers of a piece of information thus constructed? The viewers’ sense of suspicion and the listeners’ incredulity in front Remijon Pronja’s most recent project AN DIE FREUDE (2016) are highlighted by an assemblage of visual and audio elements that, at first instance, give the impression of having something familiar. However, what prevails is a discordant mixture between elements familiar and, at the same time, non-familiar to those who listen to and look at them. The audience is thrown out of their comfort zone because this lack of harmony, which is actually what is presented to them, seems not to pursue any expectable logic. Pronja intentionally creates this estranged situation to examine the limits of our expectations alongside the limits of ‘rationality’ inherent to the so-called common sense. He intrudes the given register of knowledge to open up our horizons onto some unexplored, or unimaginable possibilities of thinking the Self and the Other as part of our common (human) condition ."